Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tuesday December 23, 2014

Today I was post-call.  I ended up having a little difficulty getting to sleep due to the "high" I was on from the night's excitement.

As I was finishing up rounds prior to going home, the First Lady of American Samoa paid a surprise visit to the Pediatrics Ward - complete with a Television crew and several AS dignitaries.  Being the only peds doc around, I was pulled and interviewed on TV with the First Lady.  She had brought large platters of food and gifts for all the children, a very generous gesture.

 Read the story (and see the clip) here: First Lady & elves visit children patients

"First Lady Mrs Cynthia Moliga, members of the Governor’s Office staff and employees of the Department of Youth and Women’s Affairs delivered gifts to children hospitalized at various wards of the LBJ Hospital this morning.

The presentation also included big trays of fruits and yummy treats for the hospital staff.
Mrs. Moliga’s first stop was at the Pediatric Ward and she and her group were welcomed by Family Medicine Resident Dr. Justin Michael Corbin and Mrs. Tofiga Tufele."

The visit was an unexpected surprise, but I thanked her for her kindness on behalf of the hospital.  The interview later aired on Samoan television and radio. 

I ended up getting back to my apartment at 11am (so much for duty hours... shhh nobody will know!).  I ended up sleeping most of the day.

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