Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sunday December 21, 2014

Today (12/21/14) was another free day.  I spent the night over at Matt and Tangra's, and went to church with them in the morning.  They go to Calvary Chapel, an open-air non-denominational church.  The church location is absolutely stunning, with amazing panoramic views of the mountains, palm trees, and circling tropical birds.  The worship style is contemporary, with three vocalists, keyboard, and the pastor on the acoustic guitar.  The pastor, Oscar, gave a very good sermon from the book of Isaiah.  Almost everyone came up and introduced themselves to me - and many gave me hugs.  It was very refreshing to be in an environment with so many wonderful Christian people.

We spent the afternoon back at the Broge's house. I had the chance to pick and drink from one of the many coconuts growing on the palm trees around their home. Neeli showed me how to scrape out the coconut meat with a special "coconut scraper".

That evening, the kids had a Christmas program back at the church.  It was an elaborate event with songs and choreographed numbers. The songs were in both English and Samoan, and it was incredible to see the talent that these kids have to share.
Photo I: A view of the outdoor church

Photo II: The banner above the stage during the Christmas program

Photo III: The kids during the finale of the program (Nolan and Noah are on the front left, first and third kid respectively)

 On the way back from the church program, we drove past a very unique house of worship nicknamed the "Santa church" - mainly because it is decorated with dozens of glowing statues of Santa.  There is also a big glowing Mickey Mouse out front.

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