Friday, January 9, 2015


On the drive into Pago Pago, there is an iconic set of rock formations out in the ocean.  This is called Fatu ma futi.  Fatu is the rock in the back, and Futi is the rock closer to the shore.

The legend behind the rock formations are varied.

One version of the story goes like this (From Here):

"There was a Samoan couple named Fatu and Futi who sailed from Savaii, an island which is part of Western Samoa, about 300 miles away from Tutuila (American Samoa's biggest island). Fatu and Futi traveled on a canoe many days and nights but could not find Tutuila . As they traveled, strong winds and heavy rain tossed the canoe and caused it to capsize.  Fatu and Futi swam hard for days and nights to find rescue. After two days of fear and misery they finally reached the shore of Tutuila, but Fatu and Futi could not endure the hard time they had faced and both died and changed into big "rocks". The two big rocks are still standing side by side along the shore, Fatu (the man) is the big one and Futi (the women) is the smaller one..."

There are other versions of the story, however I have been unable to verify them.  There is a guy at the hospital who works in HR (Benjamin) who lives in the village of Fatumafuti.  I will ask him for his version of the legend.

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