Friday, January 9, 2015

Monday January 5, 2015

This marks the beginning of my final week in American Samoa.  It has been an incredible experience.  I have been pushed and challenged medically with some very difficult patients, and I have also had the opportunity to travel around the island and experience many new things.

This week, I am scheduled back in the nursery and NICU - meaning I am the only doctor in the NICU and the nursery.  It was a busy day with eight new babies to see, most of whom came from mothers without prenatal care and who have lots of risk factors.  Prenatal care is free for all mothers here, so it is interesting that there is still such a challenge to get mothers into clinic.

Tangra was on call today, so she called me in for a couple of cesarian sections for some more practice with resuscitations.

When I finished with my work, it was around 4 o'clock.  I borrowed Tangra's Explorer and drove up to the trailhead of Mt. Alava.  I was hoping to hike the adventure trail, complete with rope ladders and rock staircases (See more Information on Page 7)

The trailhead was located at the top of another very steep road, with sweeping views on either side of the ridge.  My original plan was to be done with work by 2pm and get a headstart - but it was already 4:30pm, so I decided it was probably not the best idea to start a solo 7 mile hike in the jungle right before the sun goes down.  I got back into the car and headed back into town.

That evening, we went to Tapps to get burgers again.  I had the teriyaki burger again, but this time it had thick sliced bacon and jalapeno.  It was delicious.  I told Tapp I was going to nominate his place for Diners Drive-ins and Dives.

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